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Prepaid Phone Cards Terms and Conditions

These Standard Terms apply to the use by you of Aggregato Prepaid Phone Cards ("Prepaid Phone Cards"). Your contract is with Aggregato New Zealand Limited. Use of this card constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions stated.


1. Provision of Services

Aggregato will use all reasonable efforts to provide reliable and high quality Services however does not guarantee the availability of Services or that Services will be continuous or fault free. Any Service inquiries or problems should be directed to Customer Services Centre by phoning 0800 440 179.

2. Charges

  • Rates include GST and are charged in New Zealand dollar (NZD).
  • Rates are for calls to and from landlines (unless otherwise stated).
  • Check current rates and fees at http://www.telpacific.co.nz/phonecard_main.asp as they are subject to international carrier rates and may change without notice.
  • Credit balances are not refundable or transferable.
  • Charges for Services vary according to card type. Details of the applicable charges can be obtained from http://www.telpacific.co.nz/phonecard_main.asp or from Customer Services Centre.
  • Different charges apply depending on whether calls are made via a local access number or a national access number.
  • When making a local access call from a payphone or mobile phone, usual pay phone or mobile phone charges apply before a call can be made.
  • Calls may be blocked to satellite phones, fax service, special or premium services and if call credit is not sufficient for minimum purchase.
  • Local or mobile phone charges will apply and are billed by your phone carrier (including calls to Aggregato's Customer Service Centre).
  • Calls to nationwide 015 299 access number incur an additional per minute charge of 11 cents from landline and 66 cents from mobile and payphones. Details of the applicable access number charges may be obtained from http://www.telpacific.co.nz/phonecard_accessnumber.asp or Customer Service Centre.
  • Credit expiry date is varies depends on value of PrePaid Phone Cards, please check the reverse side of your cards for expiry date otherwise contact our Customer Service Centre on 0800 440 179.
  • All other inquires on the product contact our Customer Service Centre on 0800 440 179.

3. Purchase of Prepaid Phone Cards

Prepaid Phone Cards can be purchased from your nearest local Aggregato’s participant retails stores or contact our Customer Service Centre to check the locations of nearest participant retails stores.

4. Amendments to Standard Terms

Aggregato may amend or replace these Standard Terms from time to time.

5. Use of Services

You may not use, or allow anyone to use the Services for any unlawful purpose or in a manner that may cause damage to Aggregato 's network or interfere with the Provision of Services to other customers.

6. Our Liability to You

To the extent allowable by law:

  • Our liability for any claim, damages, loss or expense that you incur as a result of anything we have done or not done is limited to Aggregato’s standard charge for providing the Service giving rise to the claim against Aggregato ; and
  • We will not be liable for any loss of profits or any consequential, indirect or special damage, loss or injury of any kind suffered by you or any other person.

7. Liability of Third Parties to You

The following people will not have any liability to you:

  • Our employees, contractors and representatives;
  • Other network operators who use our network and allow us to use their networks, and their employees, contractors and representatives; and
  • Any person who provides any service, which is part of our services, and their employees, contractors and representatives.

8. Nature of Prepaid Phone Cards

Charges for calls made using the Prepaid Phone Card will be debited against the credit balance on the card. The calls can be made by anyone who is aware of the card access pin number. Therefore you should keep the access pin number confidential to prevent misuse and should protect the card as securely as cash. Aggregato is not liable to you for any loss arising out of misuse, loss or theft of the Prepaid Phone Card or associated card number. Prepaid Phone Cards are not redeemable for cash.

9. Refund Policy

  • You cannot redeem your Prepaid Phone Card for cash or other goods.
  • We are not responsible for your other provider’s charges (i.e local call provider and Mobile phone provider) to use our Prepaid Phone Card service.
  • You must not deface, modify, tamper with or print anything on a Prepaid Phone Card.
  • We are not liable for lost or stolen Prepaid Phone Cards (including any unused value left on them).
  • You may not be able to call every number in a particular destination due to international or local carrier service capabilities at the time of calling. We may withdraw services to or from any destination without personally notifying you. If you have purchased a Prepaid Phone Cards for the purposes of making calls to or from the withdrawn destination, you can contact us and we will refund the remaining credit on your Prepaid Phone Card.
  • Other than as set out above, we do not refund or replace Prepaid Phone Cards unless they are faulty.

10. Cancellation Policy

Aggregato reserves the right to cancel the Prepaid Phone Card if the card has been reported as stolen or Aggregato reasonably believes that the card is being used for fraudulent activities.

11. Contact Details

If you have any questions relating to the content of this site, please contact us in writing at the contact details below. We will investigate the matters raised by you and respond in writing within 15 working days.

Aggregato New Zealand Limited
PO Box 41132, St. Lukes, Auckland 1346, New Zealand
Tel: 0800 440 179
Email: phonecards@telpacific.co.nz
URL: www.telpacific.co.nz



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