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Our pre-paid phone cards come in different dollar amounts (their "denomination" or "face value") - $10, $20 or $50 per card. This is the amount of call time you have available on the card - however, the card can be easily and instantly recharged if required.

Your prepaid phone card has a local access number* to call to initiate your call and includes an individual Personal Identification Number (PIN). For security, the PIN is under a scratch-off panel which you remove after buying the card.

To place a call, dial the access number and follow the recorded instructions. After you enter the PIN, you'll hear a recording about your available minutes or remaining balance.

*a per minute surcharge is only applied if you call the 1800 access number. Calls from mobile phones may incur additional costs.


Dial the local access number (printed on the card)

Enter your Card number and press hash(#)

Next, dial the Destination number

For overseas calls, dial:



00 + country code+ area code + local number + [ # ]

For STD calls, dial:

area code + local number + [ # ]

When you're finished calling, just hang up, or
press [ # ] + [ zero ] + [ # ] to make another call

For customer assistance, please call 0800 440 179

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